Power purchase agreement (PPA) Long-term power supply contracts

Aside from direct marketing at energy exchanges, long-term power purchase agreements are an excellent way to profitably sell your green energy. With a power purchase agreement (PPA) you establish direct power supply or power feed-in contracts with companies or energy traders. 

There are two options to choose from: A Corporate PPA with larger industrial enterprises who want to obtain CO2-neutral solar energy directly from the producer, or a Merchant PPA with an energy trader, who delivers energy to the consumer themselves or trades it at the exchange.

Benefits of a PPA

  • Optimum planning reliability and guaranteed prices
  • Individual master contracts and conditions
  • Risk reduction in energy sales and purchases
  • Contractual regulation of all relevant conditions
  • Possible reinvestment in new energy production capacity


As an experienced direct marketer and long-term supplier of industrial and commercial customers, we use these power purchase agreements as a tool to bring energy producers and consumers together. At the same time, we ourselves act as offtaker of short-term power purchase contracts. 

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