Virtual power plantAdvancing the energy transition together

Renewable energy sources like solar and wind power are subject to natural fluctuations. In order to integrate them extensively into the energy market, these fluctuations must be compensated for or minimised in the power grid. This is necessary to guarantee grid stability with renewable energy. One tool for dealing with these fluctuations are so-called virtual power plants.

Virtual power plants can balance out the fluctuations of renewable energy sources by acting as a network of different production methods: In particular, biogas plants can be regulated flexibly to compensate for feed-in fluctuations from solar and wind parks. In addition, switchable loads like cool storage facilities, industrial processes and climate-controlled plants are integrated.


  • Balancing of natural fluctuations of renewable energy sources
  • Effective avoidance of surpluses and shortages in the grid
  • Market incentives for integrating renewable energy plants in virtual power plants
  • Long-term establishment of renewable energy sources in the power grid

Renewable energy sourcesHow to create a stable grid

We offer you the option of joining our virtual power plant with your power plant or switchable loads in order to ensure grid stability together. 

At the same time, you benefit from the advantages of the virtual power plant.

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