After the subsidiesPost-EEG

In the year 2000, the German Renewable Energy Act or EEG established comprehensive subsidies for green energy plants, in order to support the expansion of power supplied from renewable sources. The support contracts were established with a term of 20 years, so the first ones established for renewable energy plants have been expiring since late 2020. State subsidies like fixed feed-in remuneration, the market premium or the priority principle over conventional fuels are running out – the demand for new marketing models is increasing.

There are different options of other direct marketing for the best possible distribution of your solar or wind energy even after the EEG subsidy. 

Trading for more transparency

More and more consumers are deliberately choosing to obtain power from renewable energy sources. In this context, so-called guarantees of origin (GoO) are becoming increasingly relevant. These guarantees ensure that the power the end consumer orders actually comes from renewable sources – and is only traded as such once. In short: They make the origin of green electricity transparent.

 For you as an operator of production plants, trading in guarantees of origin is an essential cornerstone of your business. Have the energy you produce recorded in the certificates register and sell the certificates to national and international energy providers. We buy the certificates from you at fixed or profit-sharing conditions and process the entire transaction, from registration all the way to re-booking.

  • Reliable handling of the registration process in the Guarantee of Origin Registry
  • Safe application for your guarantees of origin
  • Competent negotiation of individual contract terms with energy providers
  • Direct contacts and excellent availability

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