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Energy is being traded outside of the key energy exchanges as well: We provide you with access to the various off-market trading platforms. So called OTC (over the counter) trading encompasses transactions between individual market players that are not carried out through one of the energy exchanges. Here as well, we place your bids reliably and always guarantee you a fair execution price for your requests. With intraday and day-ahead trading, we and our contract partners access the entire German energy trading market.

Your benefits:

  • Reliable interface with bilateral, off-market trading (OTC)
  • Access to the different trading platforms outside of the energy exchanges
  • Continuous development of all trading contacts and options
  • Optimal information on bids and offer prices for different products
  • Competent and comprehensive handling of all forms of contract trading

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Let our experts advise you individually about your options for off-market trading!

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As an experienced energy trading company, we provide you with all services related to trading renewable energy: at the key energy exchanges as well as off-market.