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One of the cornerstones of our work are trading and marketing the renewable energy plants of our parent company ENERPARC AG. Currently, Sunnic administers a plant portfolio with a total output of about 6 GW, consisting of approximately half solar and half wind energy. Our wind energy comes from both onshore and offshore parks. 

In our case, marketing or trading means that the energy produced in photovoltaic and wind plants is traded at the optimum conditions – sold in the market at high prices or, if we should produce less than anticipated, to buy it back at favourable rates. There are two ways of marketing electricity: day-ahead auctions and intraday trading.

Today for tomorrowDay-ahead auction

The first and one of the most important ways is the day-ahead auction, which takes place every day at 12:00 at the EPEX and EXAA energy exchanges. Here we can trade the lion’s share of the production projected for the next day.

How the day-ahead auction works

At the day-ahead auction, all sellers and buyers in the European energy market can post their bids. The exchange then matches them. This results in the day-ahead prices for every hour of the following day. These auction prices serve as benchmarks for the next day

This is our task

For the day-ahead auction, we take a large part of the morning to generate an estimate of the next day’s weather and market situation. To do that, we look at a variety of sources and forecasts of our own production as well as that of the entire German and European market. 

But not only production, but also demand, imports and exports are relevant indicators that we evaluate, and then position ourselves for the next day based on that information

And beyond that?

  1. In addition, we take part in two smaller auctions: The EXAA auction at 10:15 and the EPEX auction at 15:00. These auctions trade in much smaller quantities and can be used for optimisation.

Direct and to the pointIntraday trading

The other way of marketing electricity is intraday trading. Here we can trade up to 5 minutes before the start of the next hour. So, we try right up to the last minute to place our production to our greatest possible advantage.

Live analysis and market activity

To successfully place our bids, we continuously analyse our live production. At the same time, we monitor for instance satellite images of cloud formations and of course keep a close eye on current market developments.

This is our task

In intraday trading, we have to react to changes in the forecast as quickly as possible. We have developed various algorithms to help us do that. These algorithms run in the background, evaluating indicators and signals from the market and taking trading decisions based on this information.

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