IT Development Digital experts for the future

Renewable energy is traded at prices that change daily, so it requires direct decisions and quick action. In this fast-paced business, it is all the more important that all technical processes work flawlessly and reliably – and are continuously developed and innovated. The technical aspect is particularly ground-breaking: After all, trading with green energy can be continuously optimised and automated with the help of state-of-the-art analytical methods, tools and algorithms.

Our IT developers at Sunnic are technical analysts who always look to the future. Whether the transition of the renewable energy market and the digital world or new trends, challenges and risks: Our IT specialists examine the latest developments and introduce innovations that give our company a leading edge in the energy market. 

  • Analysis of the digital market as well as new trends and risks
  • Development and improvement of tools and applications
  • Working with innovative algorithms for the energy trading business
  • Reliable expertise in all areas of information technology