Energy tradingThe traders for green energy

… so what’s the weather going to be like today? For an energy trader specializing in renewable energy sources, the current weather forecast and a look out the window are absolutely crucial work tools. Because: Sun and wind cannot be controlled and are subject to natural fluctuation. To ensure that the energy produced from these sources can still be efficiently marketed and traded, our energy traders and analysts work in literally all kinds of weather. They generate daily forecasts and post corresponding bids at the energy exchanges.

As an energy trading enterprise, our main fields of activity are trading, speculative work and the optimisation of tools and analytical processes. Often, our trading specialists join us from other mathematics-based fields like business management, economics or industrial engineering. A keen interest in trading processes and renewable energy is an advantage.

  • Trading with renewable energy at national and international exchanges
  • Preparation of daily forecasts and bids using live weather data
  • Optimisation and co-development of tools and analytical methods
  • High degree of responsibility, decision-making autonomy and risk affinity